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Shandong Paper: Environmental Capacity Forced Restructuring Of The Industry

March 2, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

The face of high polluting industries may be one died, and disorder of the dilemma, Shandong implement strict national standard four times the emissions standards, the abolition of the Industrial Pollution privileges, with the environmental capacity requirements Forced painful transformation to achieve high-pollution industries, to “structural adjustment” to find out new ways.

Cancellation of privileges Industrial Pollution Beginning this year, including the South, Xiaoqing River, Haihe River, the peninsula watershed in Shandong Province, including four full implementation of the integrated watershed basin emissions standards, marks the first in China, Shandong water pollution from industry- complete the transition to the basin discharge standards of emission standards, emissions of highly polluting industries privileges in Shandong history.

Under the new standards, these four units in the basin water environment for all sewage discharge of major pollutants implementation of the strict National Standards, including chemical oxygen demand (COD) emissions by no more than 60 milligrams and 100 milligrams per liter; ammonia emissions by no more than 10 mg and 15 mg per liter. The new standards require that the discharge requirements of the enterprises fail within six months, limiting the production of governance, fail to meet requirements, shutting down polluting production lines.

Shandong Province Environmental protection Director of the Office of Standards and Technology, said Xie Feng, to watershed pollution emission standards for most units is to break the industry characteristic limits the object from the sewage treatment company into a business where the basin, through standard enterprise demand for environmental improvement of sewage and river basin Science docking.

Decrease in emissions of pollutants 2009 and 2000, compared to emissions of water pollutants in Shandong COD, ammonia concentrations decreased an average of 80.2%, 71.9%, while the 10-year average annual economic growth of Shandong 13%.

Minister Bo Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, said: “In the past way of administrative orders Management Enterprise sewage, substandard business hard to dismount, often will result in Mishap in business, and now with the watershed to reduce the emission standard guide to help enterprises in the region ahead of industrial restructuring. “

To Papermaking Industry, for example, in 2002, Shandong rely on administrative measures wife and children nearly 500 mills closed. Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau found that the relevant administrative means obvious effect of small paper mills, but with the need to shut down the increasing scale of enterprise, this approach shows some limitations, first, the lack of guidance and predictability, business difficult to adapt; second is mandatory shut down, the social costs are higher.

, Said Zhang Bo, Shandong Environmental Protection Department since 2002, converted pollution ideas, the preparation of watershed standards and the four basin gradually implemented in three phases. The first phase, starting from May 2003, the implementation of 420 milligrams per liter of COD emissions of “symbolic” standard, giving enterprises a warning; second phase, to July 2007, the implementation of 300 mg per liter of COD emissions standards for business transformation provides a further 3 years; the third stage, to January 2010, the implementation of 100 mg per liter of COD emissions standards stricter than national standards 4 times.

Under the guidance of the new standards, Shandong paper industry consciously eliminated or consolidated, to 2008, paper making enterprises from more than 700 in 1996 reduced to 270, COD emissions to 8.5 tons, a decrease of 58%.

It is understood that the standard has been strongly questioned watershed, the relevant departments in the demonstration phase, once considered too strict may drag down the entire industry.

Bo said that 10 years, Shandong paper industry not only did not collapse, and the size of the development to the original 4 times, profits and taxes for the previous 3 times. Zhang Bo that the paper industry can do, other “two high” industry can do the same. Under the high standards the paper industry in Shandong vivid example of successful transformation of a problem: regulations and standards, economic leverage, technological innovation, administrative means “four carriages” pull environmental protection work can act as a “small but powerful chain” effect, so science is the implementation of positive environmental initiatives to promote the “two high” industry “transfer mode, transfer structure,” an important tool.

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