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Sherlock Data Recovery Announced its Global Certified Partnership with i365, a Seagate Company : Maxtor Hard Drive

December 18, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 12, 2009

Sherlock Data Recovery DBA Atomic Bytes Systems, today announced its Global Certified Partnership with i365(TM), Inc., a Seagate Company (NASDAQ:STX), as the first phase of a new marketing initiative and through the new i365 certified partner program, Sherlock Data Recovery (R) plans on expanding its market share.

Sherlock Data Recovery (R), a data recovery and data protection technology company established in 1987 with United States East Coast offices in New York, NY and East Stroudsburg, PA, is known for its highly successful data recovery capability in the repair of damaged hard disk hardware and other specialized data recovery procedures. Sherlock Data Recovery (R) was a likely certified partner choice as it was well regarded by Action Front, recently purchased by Seagate Inc. Action Front, also a data recovery company is now known as i365.

As part of the certified partner review process, Mr. Ted Yee, Business Development Manager of I365, Seagate’s data recovery company, and Mr. Walter Rilley, Project Manager, Research & Development at i365 (R), visited Sherlock Data Recovery (R).

Sherlock Data Recovery (R) features include Class-100 clean rooms; mechanical, magnetic head transplant; and replacement specialized data recovery capabilities as well as proprietary data recovery workstations and techniques. Sherlock Data Recovery looks to the partnership to enhance its own data recovery business through added sales leads provided as part of its certified partner benefits. Included in the partnership will be added i365 global technical and sales support of i365’s making it available 24hrs a day. EVault Online Backup Service that provides on-line remote managed disk backups from any networked computer and MetaLINCS, Enterprise E-Discovery services which are used to digest and analyze large numbers of email documents with attachments, databases and all forms of electronic documents, spreadsheets, charts and reports used in litigation that provides compliance, disaster recovery, and business continuity technology.

As a certified partner of Seagate’s i365 company, Sherlock Data Recovery (R) will benefit from better global access to such resources of both i365 (R) and its parent company Seagate, a manufacturer of both Seagate and Maxtor hard disk drives .With cooperative sales leads and access to i365 sales incentive programs, promotions, volume discounts and media communications Sherlock intends to expand and promote their server raid and SAN data recovery services providing a more diverse set of alternatives for data recovery and data protection services Sherlock will be providing in the future.

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