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Shopping for External Hard Drive Enclosures and Hard Drive Enclosures

October 23, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

An external hard drive enclosure is a shell that allows you to insert the internal hard drive of a desktop or a laptop for external use. A hard drive enclosure on the other hand is a specialized chassis designed to hold and power disk drives, providing a mechanism allowing them to communicate to one or more separate computers. The main purpose of a hard drive enclosure is to add storage and flexibility to any system. The enclosure connects the computer through a universal serial bus (USB) thus making a plug and play device. They provide flexibility by allowing the user to turn them off and on while the computer system is still running.

An external hard drive enclosure has the main purpose of providing portability between desktop and laptop and makes it easy to transfer data between different computers. Hard drive enclosures are mostly factory assembled and their function is to house the hard drive and allow storage and extraction of information into the drive as well providing a power connection to run the drive. Hard drive enclosures have made it easy to extract data from hard drives that have previously crashed because of the operating system.

With the need for increased data storage capacity than most factory-assembled computers are provided with, external hard drive enclosures have become vital for housing additional hard drives that are connected to the system. They have the advantage of adding more drives to a server than the chassis can hold. Hard drive enclosures mainly enable more hard drives to be added to a server but in most cases their location is inside the computer. Commercially, hard drives are available for purchase in many computer hardware stores.

In the consumer market, commonly used external hard drive enclosures utilize magnetic or optical hard drives inside firewall USB or Serial ATA enclosures. The hard drive enclosure is called a caddy and it consists of a sheath which is made of metal or plastic within which a hard disk drive can be placed and connected with the same type of adapters as a conventional motherboard and power supply would use. The exterior of the caddy typically has two female sockets, used for data transfer and power.

Some examples of external hard drive enclosure include encrypted external hard drive enclosures with removable HDD carrier, 2TB PowerBay Quad RAID among others. These advanced hard drive enclosure enable multiples of hard disks to be connected to a server utilizing a single enclosure. They have multiple adapters for power and for data storage.

With increased need for memory intensive storage of music, video and graphic files it has become essential to protect these from online threats and external hard drives provide a means to achieve this. There is a wide range of external hard drive enclosure and hard drive enclosure for sale on the internet and they have a wide range of functions to suit all your data storage needs.

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