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Storage Devices ? Describing the Data Storing Options

October 3, 2011 Jon 0 Comments

If one has to define what data storage devices are, it can be said that they are computer components that are used to retain all data in a digital format. The data from your computer or laptop is deliberately stored to be used in future.

There are a number of storage devices that are used for data storage purposes. All such storage devices are mentioned below. Take a look

1. Disk storage: Disk storage is a type of computer technology storage. The data is recorded on a round surface which keeps on rotating. Later, few disk drivers are used to retrieve information from the stored hardware namely optical disks, hard disks etc.

2. Floppy disk: Though this kind of data storage is not so popular but still it is preferred at many places. A floppy can be defined as a thin and flexible medium for magnetic storage. It is encased in a plastic shell and can be read and written by a floppy disk drive to store essential data.


3. CD storage: This is a popular way of storing data which is a testimony of some of the latest computer technology. You can choose to save your essential data on CD-ROM, CD-RW, VCD, SVCD, CD-R, D-R and lots more.

4. Digital Versatile Disks: Popularly known as DVD, is yet another optical data storage device. Although, they appear similar to CDs, but have six times more storage capacity than them. They are used to store video as well as audio content.

5. Blu-ray disks: This is again one of latest storage devices which had diminished the trend of using DVD for storing data. They are usually used for storing games, high definition video, movies etc.

6. Hard Disk Drive: It is a non-volatile data storage device which means it can efficiently retain data even if it is not powered. It can store data up to 100 gigabytes and is still being worked on capacity enhancement.

7. USB Flash Drive: It is one of the latest Storage Devices which are both rewritable and removable. It is portable and is much smaller in size. It features a storage capacity of up to 128 GB.

8. Memory Cards: Memory cards are also known as flash cards which are both hand held as well as used in computers for data storage.

These are powerful data storage devices that keep the digital data safe and protected for later use. These can be purchased at reasonable prices online.

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