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Storage Drinking Water Containers – Looking to Glass For Healthy Water

November 20, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Did you know that those little plastic bottles that you store your water in could actually be contaminating it along the way? Well as strange as it may sound, plastic drinking water containers can actually turn into harmful storage devices over just a short period of time. Plastic naturally releases byproducts of itself into whatever is in it. Chemicals like BPA and phthalate are leached into your water while it sits in a plastic bottle, thereby making the water less pure and less appetizing. You might be surprised by how much those chemicals can affect the taste of the water you drink.

Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to store your water if you can’t use plastic drinking water containers. But have you ever thought about glass? Indeed, a glass drinking water container can be an ideal solution for any of your pure water needs. Glass will never have byproducts like plastic will, and you don’t have to worry about how long water sits in a glass bottle. With a plastic one, more and more leaching happens over time, and with every day comes a new level of chemicals that are being inserted into the water. You can store water in a glass container for a lifetime and it will still be as tasty and drinkable as it was when you put it in there.

Glass drinking water containers are also desirable from an environmental perspective. Although most plastic containers are recyclable, there are still a lot that aren’t. Those that are often get thrown away for convenience, and they eventually pile up in the city dump. Any glass drinking water container that you get is going to be 100% recyclable, no questions asked. It is also a lot more likely that you will refill a glass water bottle as it is more durable and longer-lasting. Thus you will be less tempted to waste a glass bottle in the dump than you would be a plastic one, helping the planet along the way.

If all you’re looking for is a drinking water container that will motivate you to drink more water, then glass is definitely the way to go. Think about how appetizing a nice cold glass of water looks compared to a plastic bottle of water. The same effect happens when you’re thinking about glass drinking water containers. You will actually drink more water when using glass bottles than you will when you drink from plastic, just because of appearances. The results will speak for themselves.

Cherilynn Baker is an avid proponent of natural health and a researcher of water purification systems. To learn more about the water filtration system that Cherilynn recommends after extensive research, visit http://clean-water-site.com now.

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