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March 28, 2018

Hitachi HDD Head replacement process – HddSurgery

http://www.hddsurgery.com/tool/hdds-hgst-2-5-inch-ramp-set This set of head replacement tools (Head Combs) can be used to replace heads on almost all modern 2.5″ Hitachi hard drives. Set contains 3 pairs (6 pieces) of...

February 10, 2018

HddSurgery – Head replacement process on 2.5″ Seagate hard drives

http://www.hddsurgery.com This is a video guide that shows how to use HddSurgery tools (Head Combs) to change damaged heads on new 2.5″ Seagate hard drive families 5400.6, 5400.5, 5400.4, 5400.3,...

June 26, 2017

HddSurgery – 2.5″ and 3.5″ Western Digital hard drives head replacement

http://www.hddsurgery.com/ These tools (Head Combs) will help to change the magnetic heads on Western Digital HDD easily. Replacing the head will help to restore the data from a broken hard...

February 8, 2012

Western Digital head unstick and replacement process – HddSurgery Video

Hard Disk Repair Video www.hddsurgery.com These tools will help to change and unstick the magnetic heads on HDD easily. Due to a shock or malfunction, hard drive heads sometimes get...