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The Best internal Hard Drive – Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black Review : Western Digital Hard Drive

April 13, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

Are you having problems with your slow moving hard drives that don’t run according to your needs? Or maybe, you’re always end up in low disk space. It’s time for you to hear the Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black.

Western Digital is the world leading industry in creating the best hard drive you can have. People gain its trust due to its unparallel performance. Western Digital is always been the first choice of most computer enthusiast because it’s very dependable in handling their valuable files and most of all, it is indeed very fast. 


The Western Digital Black edition is all about speed, Engineers at this company are devoted to create a state of the art lightning fast hard drive. This hard drive is pack with huge disk space of 2TB, to make sure that you never run out of storage for your wide collection of files. All Caviar Black runs at 7,200rpm for fast data transfer, making all your programs and games runs at vast speed. To further add in its speed, a 64MB cache buffer is included to store most frequently used data’s for faster access time.  

A dual processor design to make it twice the performance you’ll need to maximize its performance. It supports the fastest SATA interface at 6GB/s for smoother data transfer that prevents the bottle neck with using only the 3GB/s.

A dual actuator technology is added for accurate head positioning. The first actuator serves as for coarse displacement using the electromagnetic actuator and the second uses a piezoelectric motion to fine tune its head positioning. In this kind of technology, you get a fast head positioning for accurately fast data access. With the Dual Actuator, a 0.4ms improvement in access time compare to other drives.

The Caviar Black has a drive shaft anchored at both ends not only in just one end.

This feature called the StableTrac, it further reduces the vibrations and noise while increasing its life span. This improves more durability and a silent running drive compare to other hard drives.

All Western Digital hard drives feature a “No Touch” technology. It means that, all read/write heads never touch the platters and automatically park at shuts down. Western Digital is giving a 5 year warranty to make sure of your purchase.

The Caviar Black consumes low power at 10.7W and 8.2W at idle, slightly higher compare with the Green at 7.4W. Despite of its fast speed, this drive is also relatively quiet with a low noise level of 29dB to 34dB.


The Western Digital 2TB drive was tested to run in loading the Windows XP OS and various programs such as Adobe CS3. In this case, we can see the difference compare with other hard drive including the SSD. Although it is no match with the SSD, we can barely see the how close the Caviar Black with them.

The time frame is measured from the time it beeps on the start up until the antivirus was fully loaded and closed. To make it fair, the test was rerun for several times.

The 2TB Caviar Black time is 45 second beating the VelociRaptor with few seconds at 47. The G.Skill Falcon 128GB SSD at top speed of 39 seconds and The G.Skill 64GB finished at 50 seconds which is far behind. The intel X-25 80GB SSD ends up at 46 seconds, this means that the 2TB Caviar Black is ahead of 1 second.

The Caviar Black 1TB takes a longer time to finish at 55 seconds, it lags at 10 seconds over the 2TB. This really shows a big improvement over the previous versions of the Caviar Black.

The next test would be an Adobe Photoshop CS3, we all know that this is a slow loading program. The 2TB Caviar Black was fully loaded the CS3 at 29 seconds, it ties the intel X-25 SSD. The G.Skill Falcon 128GB SSD still on its top finishing at 24 seconds. The WD 1TB Caviar Black still the slowest at 32 seconds.


Test shows that, the Caviar Black 2TB takes a big leap improvement in its performance not only in its disk size. The latest technology which is the dual actuator that added to its features plays an important role to make this hard drive a complete beast when it comes to its performance. The 1TB and below Caviar Black version lacks this features, they end up eating the 2TB Caviar Black’s dust.

Compare with the SSD, records shows that this drive is not far behind when it comes to its access time, but a big difference in price and of course in disk space. Money wise, this makes it more valuable to buy from this point of time, considering the high price of the SSD.

In comparison with the high priced WD VelociRaptor, there’s no way he can beat the 2TB Caviar Black when it comes to speed. When it comes to noise level, the 2TB Caviar Black is quieter than the VelociRaptor. We can still the noise during heavy operations, something that we cannot totally get rid of in a high speed mechanical drive, but less compare with the 1TB Caviar Black.  

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