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The HDD Media Player OLIVE 06HD : HDD Technology

August 24, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

For modern HIEND music carrier, people do not satisfy with the CD level documents of 16 bit/44.1kHz, in addition to the traditional CD, they are going for the high bit rate music files such as SACD and the music documents of 96 khz/24bit and 192 khz/24bit, but the high bit rate music files need hard drives and flash memory as the storage media to play. Many big audio manufacturers have begun to go for this area. Then they announced their network HIEND music player or the corresponding audio player.

The United States Olive launched a full new flagship HDD media player Olive 06HD. According to the reports, this style integrates HIEND technology and the designed audio circuit 06HD to provide the best sound quality for music fans. The price is 4600 pounds (it is extremely expensive). Olive 06HD is the most advanced new model. It has a set of 2TB (2000GB) built-in audio and video dedicated mute to reduce the vibration and electromagnetic interference when playing music. With the aluminum alloy shell, it can effectively reduce noise the fan caused to achieve a good passive cooling capacity.

Even the corresponding 24-bit high bit rate music files with greater amount of information, it also can record about 20,000 songs. In addition to placing the traditional CD into the Olive 06HD and recording the music into the hard disk inside, it also can download music files and store them into Olive 06HD through USB interface, cable network interface and wireless network and other ways. If you access the product to the internet, it also can automatically update the information of CDs.

06HD has a 10.1 inch touch screen on the slant board; it can easily control software of Olive music library and classify their music according to the marks automatically. On the 10.1 inch touch screen, the users can clearly observe the information about the album and artist. With the multi-function remote control, the operation is very easy and convenient.

06HD has its music control interface for music library. Users can get their options according to their preference. It can be available for small screen but also it can be connected to TV through HDMI. You can login Media 06HD control page to control its playback, transmission and other functions. This HDD media player also supports iPhone, so you can play the music with it and a wireless remote control can help your playback.

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