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Top Five Benefits of Flash Memory Cards : Memory Cards

February 8, 2014 Jon 0 Comments

In todays world data is carted around by people for purposes of both work and entertainment. These include important documents, movies, iamges, music files etc and all this data is stored in a small flash memory card. The flash memory card has reduced all the physical copies of data into digital copies. The memory cards or rather flash memory cards are chips which are used to write and rewrite data. They come in small sizes and have the ability to retain data without a power supply. Using any device such as a computer, laptop, digital camera or an external device, flash memory cards are able to store any digital information.

The top 5 reasons why Flash Memory Card are so poplular can be summed up as follows:

Small in Size –

One of the major advantages of flash memory cards is its size, specifically how small they are. The traditional hard drives had to be large enough to hold the various mechanical components required to read, write and store data. In comparison these memory cards are small and have no moving parts which make them extremely portable. Mini and micro-secure digital or SD cards are even smaller than the basic memory cards and are commonly used in devices like cell phones and digital cameras.

Durability –

These memory cards are much more durable as compared to other hard drives. Since it does not have any fragile external moving parts, the risk of damage is much lesser.

In addition, the memory cards are more resilient to magnetism, shock, cold and heat. The high durability makes traveling with data much more convenient and safe.

Power Efficient –

The flash memory cards are very power efficient, consuming very little power. This is ideal for gadgets that run on portable batteries as less consumption of battery means longer usage.

High Storage Capacity –

Although small in size, Flash Memory Cards can hold a lot of data. When the first memory cards came out, they had a memory of 1 gigabyte and over the years the memory capacity has increased to as high as 8, 16 and 32 GB cards. Incredibly, the increase in memory capacity has not altered the physical size of the memory cards. With huge storage capacity, it is possible to have all the essential and important data with you when you are on the go.

Affordability –

Some would think that such memory cards with technologically advanced features will cost a bomb. Surprisingly, these cards are extremely affordable. Moreover, with intense market competition and a wide range of options, customers can get good quality memory cards at competitive rates.

Before deciding to buy any flash memory card, be sure to check the capacity your external device can support. For e.g. a gadget that is expandable to only 16 GB may not support a memory card with 32 GB capacity. Their ease of portability, high durability, great capacity, affordability and power efficient properties has made them a popular choice amongst consumers.

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