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Ultimate Storage Ideas For Your Rental Space

April 1, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Your personality and taste are constantly evolving. So why doesn’t your rental apartment reflect that? Sure, you have renter’s limits, but, there are always ways to personalize your space. You have to fit your entire style into a limited space. No matter what its size, your place can be organized and clutter-free by utilizing these smart storage and organization strategies. Let storage components climb the walls, and rearrange your space so regularly used supplies are accessible and others are out of the way.

Here are a few ideas for organizing a rental so it feels more like a home.

Get serious about organizing

A small space requires you to arrange things in a systematic manner. Keep out all the boxes of paperwork and bills, separate items into different categories. Empty out the entire closet and ask yourself whether you really need those clothes you havent worn for years. You will be able to minimize your storable items dramatically. After paring down, consider having a yard sale.

Storage Boxes are perfect for storing file folders

The storage boxes are the perfect size for file folders. Organize the boxes by item (Car, Home, Professional and Medical Records), or by year, so you don’t have to frantically search for those tax documents.

Round Up Sheets with Ribbon

Rounding up sheets with ribbon is an easy idea for organizing sheets: Tie a ribbon around a folded set to keep all the pieces together.

Find a smart place for Pet

Keep pet areas out of the way of your living room. By keeping the kitchen clutter-free and organized, you can offer plenty of cabinet space for storing pet food, toys, and more. In the cabinetry, a kitty-shape opening to the cat-box area adds a touch of whimsy while keeping the pet box private and out of view for guests.

Use Baskets to Store Paper Sheets

Stacking sheet sets in a basket means no more toppling piles. Don’t forget to add a label. Aim to have at least two sets of sheets for each bed in the house.

Store Stuff Below

Keep your place and the look of your place flawless by stashing small stuffs away.

Designate unique function for each closet

Designate specific functions for each closet. Install a rod in one and use it for hanging clothes. Add a shelf above the rod for storing seldom-use items. In the other closet, install multiple shelves that can hold folded clothes, bins for accessories, and other wardrobe essentials.

If revamping your rental space is your goal this year, check out these stylish and effective ideas for innovative, stylish storage, and organizing solutions that really work.

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