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Various R4 Memory Cards And Their Information

November 26, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

Memory storing devices have always been on demand, as requirements for advanced software and the applications are on rise for a long time now. Moreover, there have been immense developments in the memory storing devices, which are presently available in plenty of options and different versions.

Thus, the users now have a liberty to choose the right storing device, as per the purpose and the job requirements. R4 cards are the popular storing device, used in different parts of the world. These cards are available for the computer usage however; some of the cards available in the market are not authentic. Thus, as a buyer you need to have some idea about the R4 cards and their various versions available in the market.

The following is the information regarding R4 cards and its different versions, which may help in opting for a suitable choice of memory card.

R4 SDHC: This is a modified version of the earlier R4V2. However, there are many similarities in the two versions except that the R4 SDHC is able with the Micro SDHC cards. On the other side, it can also take a maximum of thirty-two GB of total memory. The working speed of the R4 sdhc version is a bit slow but the boot time duration is quite speedy. The card is too good in giving the satisfactory performance and is a reliable type.

R4i SDHC: This is the first compactable DSi card from the version of R4 SDHC. This ensures that the card has a good performance and is reliable as well. Apart from these benefits, it is a cheaper option that buyers can for without any hesitation. Although, it is compactable to DSi, it does not have the latest updated version of the DSi firmware for the future changes. This card proves to be a simple option for the beginners of the DSi. However, regular users of the memory slots can also try other applications with using these memory cards.

There are instances where the users use the wrong version of R4DS memory cards in their console that is improper for the proper functioning of the gaming applications and other applications. However, you do not have to worry, if you are an owner of a genuine Nintendo DS console, as it comes with an installed R4i SDHC card, which provides trouble free functioning.

However, these memory cards have a particular system of working and it is important that the users go through the information and details and understand the same before using these devices. There are often confusions about the using pattern and their variations, as there are many versions of the R4 series, which are popular in the market and have a notable demand among the users across the world.

Initially, before the R4i cards, there was a single version R4 DS card which worked for the original NDS console. The version operated without any problems. Later there were many advance modifications in the hardware portion of the console but the changes were very less and external.

At nds-gear.com you can get the genuine details about the various versions of the memory R4 SDHC cards and their uses. This site is an excellent source of for buying data storing cards.

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