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WarrantChecks.org Building Anti-Scam Guide Into Their Website : Hard Drive

December 2, 2013 Jon 0 Comments

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 02, 2013

WarrantChecks.org is building a special section into the members’ area of their website to help people avoid becoming victims of scam artists, the company announced yesterday.

One thing we have realized as a company is that our customers come to us because they don’t want to become the victim of a scam artist, a WarrantChecks.org spokesman said. While we already help them through our public records reports, we feel that we can do more. That is why we are building out this section of our website.

The guide will outline the way that people are most commonly ripped off in a scam, he said. Then the guide will show people how to recognize them.

The thing is that once you understand how a scam works, it’s very hard to become a victim, the WarrantChecks.org spokesman said. Scam artists prey on your ignorance, so they can’t rip you off if you are prepared.

The anti-scam guide was put together with the help of law enforcement officials, he said.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure these scam artists don’t win, the WarrantChecks.com spokesman said. That’s why we want to do what we can to educate people.

Once the guide has been incorporated into the main WarrantChecks.org site, sections of it will be put on their social media channels and blog posts, he said.

We are here to get the word out so that people don’t have to be scam victims anymore, he said.

About WarrantChecks.org:

WarrantChecks.org provides clients with quick and simple warrant check searches in North America. With an extensive database of public records, consumers are able to access information such as driving records and background reports. Visit WarrantChecks.org to chat with a live representative, call 1-877-829-8475, or email Manager(at)WarrantChecks(dot)org with any questions or concerns.

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