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Wasabi X360 y X360S Used for Loader Games from Xbox 360 Slim HDD

September 11, 2011 Jon 0 Comments

The Wasabi X360S is an Xbox 360 Slim HDD Loader and the third to hit the market. The design of the Wasabi X360S looks similar to how the Blaster CK3 connected to consoles and overall looks like it will be a nice integration with the Xbox 360 Slim consoles. While these have only just been announced and their basic feature set we have at the bottom of this page the of it looks like it will be a decent product for the Xbox 360 Slim owners out there. The price is not 100% confirmed as yet but it looks like it will be around the same price as the , once we have confirmed price and secured some stock we will start taking pre-orders. At this stage we have not been given information on the Wasabi X360S release date, but as soon as we get this information we will of course write it up.

Team Wasabi are most famous for their Wasabi DX chip for Wii, for those that know their Wii stuff like we do here at modsupplier.com you will know that the Wasabi DX in the end was one of if not the best Wii chips just behind the Wode, while not as popular as the DriveKey the Wasabi team certainly held their own and produced updates as needed and overall was a quality product, we are sure the same thing will be able to be said for the Wasabi X360S and they basic features that have already been announced make it look like it will follow in the footsteps of their former products.

There are two mostly interesting things about the , the first is the fact they have dropped USB and are using an e-Sata connection instead, the reason we have been given is that there is so much more bandwidth available with e-sata compared to USB and thus will end up in faster loading times. We guess this can go two ways, some people will love it because of the load times with e-sata and others won’t like it as much as it limits the range of storage devices that can be used with the USB game hdd loader, in the end we guess the market will decide which it prefers. The second interesting feature is they too are saying with a future firmware update they are planning to implement a ripping feature as well, this would be one of the most sort after features as it means people don’t have to mess around with the PC and Kreon drives to make legitimate backups of their original games to use with the Wasabi X360S, so we will be very interested to see who is first to implement this feature to their loader devices.


At this stage there has been no news to exactly which of the Xbox 360 Slim drives the Wasabi X360S will be able to emulate, we would imagine the Lite-On’s will be first supported but we are just guessing at this stage, as for the Hitachi this may take a little longer as even other teams have not implemented support for this drive just yet.

When any more news or features are announced for the Wasabi X360S we will of course continue to update this page.


The ultimate ODDE (Optical Disc Drive Emulator), allows you to emulate your 360’s optical disc drive and run Xbox 360 or Xbox 1 ISO’s from HDD. No more hunting for game discs, simply execute your favourite ISO’s from any ESATA HDD. Easy, fast, safe and convenient.

Features include:

Solderless installation
Selection of your favourite ISO’s via our intuitive user interface
Support for AP25 enabled ISO’s
ESATA interface is used in place of USB providing superior performance, since data is transferred directly between the ESATA HDD and Xbox 360 resulting in impressively high bandwidth, many times faster than reading from a real DVD disc
Elegant and streamlined console inspired case design
Versions available for both fat and slim consoles
NTFS file system natively supported
Powerful embedded CPU running performance tuned Real Time Operating System
Regular firmware updates available free for download
Fully updatable hardware (MCU and FPGA’s) from ESATA HDD including a failsafe recovery mode
No need to modify your original ODD
Hardware selectable pass through mode – providing access to the original ODD

Features coming soon:

Xbox Live compatibility
Dumping of X360 ISO’s from original discs

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