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WD20EARS Review ?What Makes The Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green The Best Selling Internal Hard Drive?

May 17, 2016 Jon 0 Comments

If you’re looking for a large capacity hard drive as well as quiet and low power consumption, it’s time for you to know about the Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green. This hard drive is capable of storing large file up to 2TB of all your important data’s.

In a computer world today, a large storage capacity is widely in demands for most of your HD quality movies and other data that requires a large file formats. With the WD 2TB Caviar Green you can be sure to get a massive storage capacity at an instant. As we all know that, Western Digital is now the leading hard drive maker and gain most people’s trust to make their files safe.

The WD Green power technology reduces your power consumption at 7.4W and 4W during idle condition. At this power consumption you can save up to 70% when using 2 1TB hard drives. This hard drive is fine tuned to a lower speed of 5,400rpm that provides a cool temperature, thus making it more reliable. This also results in a very quiet performance that minimizes the noise level at 25 to 29db.


All Western Digital hard drives feature a “No Touch” technology. This means that, all read/write heads never touch the platters and automatically park at shuts down. This results in a longer life for the hard drives.

The IntelliSeek calculates the fastest time to move the heads to reach its destination. Keeping the arm in constant motion to minimize the start-up resistance in which requires more power to move initially, in most case it also creates vibrations. This is the best way to minimize the noise and delivers more power efficiency.

The Caviar Green has a drive shaft anchored at both ends not only in just one end. This feature called the StableTrac, it further reduces the vibrations and noise while increasing its life span. This improves more durability and a silent running drive compare to other hard drives.

The IntelliPark feature has the ability to park its head when not in used for about 8 seconds. The idea behind this is to further reduce the power consumption by lowering the resistance drag on the spindle motor.

What About The Green Series?

The Green Series is not design for speed hungry enthusiast, if you’re one of them; the WD Caviar black is perfect for you. The WD 2TB Caviar Green is perfect for business applications and backup purposes, also great for HTPC due to its large capacity. You can enjoy its quiet, low heat dissipation and power saving features.

The best part of it is the prize, because you can get a large storage at a very low price. With the WD 2TB Caviar Green, disk space would never be your problem again. A perfect application for this would be, pairing it with the super fast SSD for OS and the 2TB Caviar Green is for your backup files.

The Caviar Green is all about efficiency, power saving and low noise that is why it’s an Eco friendly drive. Engineers at Western Digital design this to fine tune at 5,400 to 5,600rpm to meet these requirements as well as to get a maximum performance out of it.

What is it in the Caviar Green?

The Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green obviously has a huge 2TB of disk space, enough to handle all your treasured files. It uses four platters in a single drive, which means a 500GB per platter capacity. A 3.5 inch SATA II interface standard at 3Gb/s which is also backward compatible with the older 1.5Gb/s.

It has a 64MB cache for even faster data retrieval. Even though this is a 5,400rpm drive it can compete with the older Seagate Barracuda and Hitachi 7,200rpm. Other site performs a test showing that the WD Caviar Green can beat them on average transfer rate.  This really proves that, even though it was design for power saving and a noiseless drive it can perform well like other faster drives out there.


Like what I said before, this drive is not enthusiast stuff but rather a low noise, low power, less heat, huge storage and a solid performance, you can count on it.  This would be your perfect companion for internal/external backup files or for HTPC entertainment where you can store all your HD movie collection. Whatever applications you may want it to be the WD 2TB Caviar Green is very dependable.

What about the price? Despite all of its unimaginable features, the WD 2TB Caviar Green is available at a very low price making it the best seller hard drive in the market today. Trust me; this would definitely the best bang for your buck and the cheapest price per GB compare to two 1TB or a 3TB drive.

Simply there’s no other drive can offer an all in one excellent quality for everyone. This one offers the greatest value you can get for your hard earn money. Performance and price wise, the WD Caviar Green should definitely on your shortlist. Read the full Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green Review and discover the Top 5 Best 2TB Internal Hard Drive for 2011.


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