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Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green Review – The Best Selling 1TB Internal Hard Drive : Western Digital Hard Drive

October 29, 2013 Jon 0 Comments


If you want a cheaper alternative to store your treasured file and yet dependable, the Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green is perfect for you. You can enjoy the low power, low heat and low noise drive with the Caviar Green.

What Is It In The WD 1TB Caviar Green Hard Drive?

The Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green runs at 5,400rpm with SATA II 3GB/s interface. It uses 4 platters with 250GB each. This drive is quiet; it doesn’t produce that loud annoying sound. The noise level is only at 23dB at idle and a maximum of 27dB during read/write operations.

It consumes relatively less power which is good for energy savvy, 3.3W at idle, only 5.3W during read/write operations and 0.7W for sleep/standby. With its low power consumption and lower speed rate, as a result this drive is so cool making it an ideal for your main storage. With all of these features, comes the idea behind a green hard drive.

The Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green is not a fast drive, not a hungry for speed stuff but rather a perfect backup storage. This drive is excellent for office and HTPC applications, also great for external drive. It is best when combined with the super fast SSD as your boot drive and the Caviar Green would be your secondary drive. Another perfect application for this drive is for Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Bottom Line

The WD 1TB Caviar Green is design for low power, low noise, less heat drive.

These categories are what they excel most. They can’t compete against the newer 7,200rpm but a lot faster than the 5,400rpm competitors. This drive is perfect for data hungry enthusiast that serves as your secondary drive, but not as a primary boot disk. Combining it with the super fast SSD for your OS and the Caviar Green 2TB as your backup, this will make it a powerful duo.

The price point for this drive is the lowest that anyone can afford it, the greatest value per gigabyte you can find, this makes it the best selling hard drive in the market today.

Overall, this is a great drive and very dependable as we already know the Western Digital’s reputations in this industry, a single solid performing drive. This is what the Western Digital 2TB Caviar Green drive is all about. Read the full Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green Review here and discover the top 5 Best 1TB Internal Hard Drive for 2011.


Learn the 10 things you should know in finding the best hard drive and discover the top 5 Best 1TB Internal Hard Drive for 2011.  

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