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Western Digital My Book Essential Review ? The Best Value External Hard Drive : Western Digital Hard Drive

August 3, 2013 Jon 0 Comments


If a faster, stylish and very affordable price is what you’re looking for, The Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB External Hard Drive is perfect for you. This drive is packed with features that you’ll surely love. Despite of its great performance, this drive is cool and has low power consumption for green environment.

The looks

The WD My Book Essential 1TB looks good in all black color that sits in an upright position, it has a the advantage of being a space savvy. It has a physical dimension of 6.5 x 5.3 x 1.9 inch with only 2.6 pounds. A small LED indicator on the front that indicates the drive operations, below is the WD logo which is barely noticeable.

At the back is the push button power switch, a 2 USB port for 2.0/3.0 and a DC power connector. The WD My Book Essential is made of 3.5 inch caviar green hard drive therefore, you can enjoy the same great features of these drive. The Caviar Green model is design for cool and energy efficient that supports the eco friendly environment.


The WD My Book Essential 1TB is a total plug and play hard drive for your maximum ease of usage; just plug it right off the bat and you’re good to go. It provides a dual USB port that supports both 2.0 and 3.0 interface. As we all know that, the USB 3.0 has the speed advantage that offers up to 3X faster bandwidth compare with 2.0. A password protection is added for your private security against unauthorized access.

A bundle of software is included, they call it the WD SmartWare that resides on the drive itself. This is a backup tool that is capable of scanning each folder or the entire hard disk for new or change files.

This software will automatically backup your files whenever a change was created. You’re still in full control of this, if you wish not to use it, you can do so.

The My Book Essential is preformatted in NTFS which is compatible to Windows based PC such as Windows XP, Home, Vista and 7. This can be formatted and use with Macs. A quick install guide is provided for your reference and a USB cable, this also includes the AC adapter. 

As I mentioned before, this drive is an eco friendly, the WD GreenPower technology can saves you energy up to 30% that cuts off to your electric bill. The power saving features puts the drive into sleep mode during idle and automatically turns on/off simultaneously with your PC.

The WD My Book Essential performs well in read and write operation despite it is design for energy saving. It records a 148.8MBps in read and 98.4MBps in write during a large file transfer. This is a very impressive result, beating the Iomega Prestige.


Considering all of its features and performance, the WD My Book Essential 1TB is proves to be one of the best external hard drives up to date. You can now store all your precious files in a huge disk space, if this isn’t enough for you, there’s a 2TB and 3TB version of this great drive with a few dollar additional.

A fast drive that automatically creates backup, cool, eco friendly, energy saver and plug and play are among the best features for this drives. This is also great if you want to plug it to your TV to watch your favorite HD movies on widescreen using the USB cable.

With so much goodness in this drive, the price range for this is unbelievable. It is the lowest price drive inline, making it an excellent choice of 1 Terabyte external hard drive. Read the full Western Digital My Book Essential 1TB Review here and discover the Top 5 Best 1 Terabyte External Hard Drive of today.


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