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Which one is best external hard drive or internal hard drive?

December 10, 2015 Jon 0 Comments

In a market today we are getting number and types of hard drives available with wide range of storage options with different RPM. So at that time we are little bit confused which one is best that not only fit within budget but also satisfies the requirements. So, below are some points that gives and idea for choosing right hard drive. These are the simple guidelines that you have to read before going to buy form the online store.

Internal or External: There are two types of hard drive available in the market one is internal and another is external so choose those drive that match requirements.

Speed: An internal hard drive is faster than external hard drive because we are using connectors in internal hard drive where as in external hard drive we are using USB port to connect.

Size: Internal hard disk available in al types of sizes like small, medium and large so it’s easy to find in any size where as external hard drive size limit up to 3TB maximum.

Power availability: Power directly gets through computer for internal hard drives. So no need to worry about the power and external hard drive use extra plugs or through USB port to get power supply.

Portability: Internal hard drive doesn’t have any portability option if you want to use hard drive in multiple computers then an external hard drive is the only option.

Connection: There are many different types of connection available in the market such as SATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI so chooses those that fit with your mother boards. Today almost all hard drive uses standard USB connector to connect with your computer.

Back up: If you want to take back up from the multiple computers with regular time duration than external hard drive is the only option that provides a facility of portability.

Cost: Cost of external hard drive is higher than internal hard drive but gives a portability option.

RPM(Rotation Per Minutes): There are types of rotation speed available in the market 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM so choose the speed depending upon your requirements better is 7200 RPM according to latest trends.

About points gives a guidelines for to choose an option of hard drive that suits your requirements and gives better idea and comparison for to take decision before you go for purchase.

So, both types of hard drives have its own advantages and disadvantages choose that option that fits your requirements.

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