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Work Worry Free Knowing That iCare Data Recovery Can Help You Recover Formatted Hard Drive

December 3, 2017 Jon 0 Comments

Accidentally reformatted hard drive? Don’t worry no matter what kind of hard drive or external drive it is. With iCare Data Recovery, you no longer need to worry about your files being lost when you need to recover formatted hard drive. You can rest easy knowing there is a software like iCare Data Recovery working non-stop to keep your data and files safe from being lost in the event of technical failure or human error.


Sometimes tasks as simple as downloading a new piece of hardware can result in an accidentally reformatted hard drive. Even the most technologically savvy users make a mistake every now and then.  Admittedly, it’s easy to get into the position to need to recover formatted hard drive, especially if there are partitions or other storage devices in place.  Whether you have made a mistake using advanced hardware, or you’ve done something common like accidentally formatted iPod, iCare Data Recovery will help you restore your files and data with very little effort.


As you may have previously discovered: There are times when you aren’t even aware you’re your computer is at risk. Has your computer ever experienced an improper shut down that caused it to ask you a series of questions you felt the need to answer with haste?…So much haste, in fact, that you said, “Yes, Reformat Hard Drive,” without actually reading that which you should have answered, “NO!”?  If you are like thousands who spend countless hours on the computer, the odds of this having happened to you are high.  In the past, you may have even had to count your losses and start from scratch.  With iCare Data Recovery, however, there are no losses to count.  There are only a few quick clicks of a mouse in your data recovery control panel, and – like magic – you recover formatted hard drive.


External hard drive formatted recovery is as likely to be necessary as it is to recover formatted c drive.  Neither external hard drives nor internal immune to having been accidentally reformatted.  Luckily, however, with iCare Data Recovery; whether you are dealing with an external or internal drive, the mission to recover formatted hard drive is accomplished rather easily.


Although an accidentally reformatted hard drive is one of the most likely scenarios, there are other events that can lead to the loss of important files and folders in your computer.  A computer virus attack will most likely put you in a position in which you have little choice but to reformat your hard drive.  In a situation where you experienced a virus attack, you will still be able to use iCare Data Recovery to recover formatted hard drive.

iCare Data Recovery Software is an advanced file recovery tool that is able to restore files after format, deleted files, partition lost, recover deleted files from hard disk, external hard disk drive, memory card, flash memory, sd card, xd card, cf card, pen drive etc.

How to Get Back Data from Corrupt Seagate External Drive


In this video tutorial, I will demonstrate how anyone can recover his lost files from Seagate external hard drives.

You may lose your external hard disk data because of the reasons like partition format, deletion of partition or partition corruption and so on.

The main key to recover any data from different storage devices is, ‘Recover lost files as early as you can’.

So to recover files on Seagate external hard disk, you need some kind of recovery software that can help you get back lost data.

You can get one such recovery application at the webpage shown here.

Click on the download link shown over here and download the software.

Later install the application.

Before going further for data recovery, first you need to connect the Seagate external hard disk to your computer which I have already done here.

Now it’s time to launch the application.

First, you will get the welcome screen of the software.

Select Recover Drives module here.

Then on its next screen, select Partition Recovery option.

Here you can see all drives, which are connected to the computer right now.

Select Seagate external hard disk and go to the next step.

Now choose the required partition from the list of found partitions.

Immediately software starts scanning the entire external hard disk partition to fetch the lost data.

When scanning process comes to end, all files will get listed, as shown over here.

As per the requirements, select them from list and click next.

Here you need to provide the location to save recovered files.

Finally, software takes you to the output folder where it has saved the recovered files.

You can preview the restored files to check whether they are in good condition or not.

So, this is all about Seagate external hard drive data recovery.

You can also avail this application from its webpage link, provided in the beginning of this video description.

Thank you for your patience, keep watching my videos.

Good bye.

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